Kapp Search Group specializes in Product Development, Engineering, Leadership, and Manufacturing opportunities and we take pride in the fact that we continually target candidates who are not actively looking but who will entertain the right opportunity when it is presented to them by a recruiting expert. We place professionals in the following disciplines:

Product Development and Engineering

Drawing from over two decades of firsthand experience in technical leadership within the automotive industry, Kapp Search Group offers a unique understanding of the needs of industry leaders. Finding the right talent to match your specific requirements, timelines, and organizational culture can be challenging, but with our expertise in this field, we’re dedicated to ensuring your success. We recognize the crucial importance of securing individuals with both technical prowess and proven leadership abilities to drive excellence in your projects.


Identifying the perfect leader for your team involves understanding your organizational culture and the nuanced art of motivating and building cohesive teams. At Kapp Search Group, we recognize this multifaceted challenge. Finding a leader who seamlessly aligns with your culture and possesses the skills to inspire growth can be daunting. Our expertise lies in pinpointing individuals with experience across various domains such as engineering, product development, and business leadership. Trust us to guide you in selecting visionary leaders who will drive your company forward.


With extensive experience navigating the nuanced standards and challenges inherent to automotive manufacturing environments, Kapp Search Group brings unparalleled insight into identifying top-tier talent. Recognizing that these environments demand a distinct skill set, we understand the complexity of finding candidates who can excel within them. Without firsthand experience in automotive manufacturing, discerning the ideal candidate for a position becomes an arduous task. Trust our expertise to guide you towards success in securing the right talent for your manufacturing needs.